Quietspace Coaching

Quietspace Coaching is a sole practitioner practice for adults (ages 21 and older). I work as my client's partner in a safe and supportive environment in which we develop the skills and motivation needed to effectively deal with current challenges.


These challenges might include difficulty in finding a job or defining a career or business path; difficulties in resolving relationship conflicts, or overcoming a sense of purposelessness or ennui (boredom).  


The pathways that take us through life can be difficult to navigate if our roadmap comes from a “neuroatypical” brain. One out of ten people share this difficulty, arising from operating from a place of anxiety, or having OCD, ADD, misophonia.  Relationships and emotions are often viewed from behind a lens of heightened emotions and heightened physiological responses to the world.


Quietspace Coaching is uniquely positioned to help those of us who are neuroatypical arrive at our internal wisdom, by clearing away the debris that comes from the need to control and feelings of separateness, shame and blame. We look at the stories we create and how to shift those stories to reduce suffering and to become better equipped to deal with our life.


One area of expertise I share is teaching mindfulness techniques to allow clients to remain in (or get to) the present. I also incorporate basic cognition exercises to facilitate the creation of new brain synapses (typically thought of as re-wiring the brain) so that new ways of thinking, feeling and being become actualized

Who are my clients? I work exclusively with adults. My clients must be at least twenty one years of age.  A majority of my clients, both male and female, are either neuro-atypical and live with OCD, ADD, misophonia, or generalized anxiety or are the parents/partners of a neuro-atypical person. In 2018 I expanded my practice to cancer survivors.


How are sessions conducted? Sessions are 50 minutes, typically once a week. At least four sessions are recommended. My practice is conducted via phone and skype.


For general information about coaching, please read the website page called Coaching FAQ.

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